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مؤسسة دوعن للعمارة الطينية
Shaklanza Mosque
Date: 2019 - 2020   |   Location: 18 km west of Al Shihr, Hadramut
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Shaklanza Mosque
Location: 18 km west of Al Shihr, Hadramut
Historical period: Not identified

As a result of the country’s war and economic crises, the monuments of Hadramut have been, according to the community, marginalised, abandoned and forgotten. Shaklanza is one of those historic towns located at a short distance of 18 km west of Al Shihr.

The village was on the ancient trade route and there are accounts of 200 different types of spices that were carried from there. It was surrounded with palm groves and fertile agricultural land. The village was very popular during the Portuguese invasion of Al Shihr (1523) and was visited regularly travellers. The town was deserted following several seasons of drought. The mosque known as Al Zaher remained a distinguished cultural and architectural landmark with its nine domes that could be seen from a distance. Constructed in mud brick and stone, it was selected after an appeal from the local community. Out of the original nine domes, five still exist plastered inside and outside. The renovation and reconstruction of the damaged building will restore the collective history of the community, the region of Hadramut and Yemen.

Source: http://almandeb.news

Postwar Reconstruction and Rehabilitation in Yemen
The project was funded by the Cultural Protection Fund (British Council, UK) in partnership with the CER-Net Prince Claus Fund in the Netherlands.
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