Daw'an Mud Brick Architecture Foundation
مؤسسة دوعن للعمارة الطينية


Daw‘an Architecture Foundation is a non-governmental organisation, dedicated to earth architecture, heritage and development. It is financially autonomous and accountable, registered at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, Hadramut Branch, Mukalla, Yemen.

Members & Committee

  • Abdullah Ahmad Said Bugshan, Engineer (KSA)

Acting & Founding Members
  • Salma Samar Damluji, Architect & Consultant (London, Beirut & Hadramut)
  • Abdullah Ba Ghumyan, Survey & Environmental Engineer, Director (Mukalla-Hadramut)
  • Ali Ba Saad, Architect, Project Manager (Mukalla-Hadramut)
  • Abdul Rahman Ba Baqi, Site Architect (Mukalla-Hadramut)

Board Members
  • Benno Albrecht, Architect (Iuav), Rector of the Università Iuav di Venezia Iuav, Venice (Italy)
  • Viola Bertini, Architect (Politecnico di Milano), PhD (Iuav), Research Fellow, Iuav Venice (Italy)
  • Salman Salem Binladen, Engineer, BA (Tufts), MA (UCL), Jeddah (KSA)
  • Marie-Hélène Contal, Architect, MA Sciences Pô (Paris), Director Dpt Développement culturel, Cité de l’Architecture & du Patrimoine, Paris (France)
  • Abdulrahman F. al-Eryani, BS Agriculture (AUB), MS in Animal Sciences (CSU), Yemen Former Minister of Water & Environment (2006-2011), Helsinki (Finland)
  • Jacopo Galli, Architect (Iuav), PhD (Iuav), Research Fellow, Iuav Venice (Italy)
  • Sultan al-Harthi, B.Arch (U. Arizona), M.Arch (U. Arizona), Architect and Former Head of Muscat Municipality, Muscat (Oman)
  • Mira Kfoury, Architect, D.E.S. (ALBA), MA (UCL), Beirut (Lebanon)
  • Karim Lahham, MA (RCA), BA (Oxon), MA (Oxon), PhD (Cantab), Barrister-at Law at Inner Temple, London (UK)
  • Mazen Ibrahim al-Masawa, Engineer, BSc (University of Aden), MSc (St. Clements University), Shibam, Hadramut (Yemen)
  • Graham Modlen, Architect, BA Arch (KUL), Dipl. (AA), London (UK)
  • Muhammad Salem Mousaybah, Architect, BA Arch (HU), MA (SUST), Director al Ranad Institute, Tarim, Hadramut (Yemen)
  • Peter Murray OBE FRIBA, BA (RWA), Dipl. (AA), Curator-in-Chief of New London Architecture, Mayor's Design Advocate and Chairman of the London Society, London (UK)
  • Venetia Porter, Art Historian, BA (Oxon), MPhil (Oxon), PhD (UOD), Curator of Islamic and Contemporary Middle East Art, British Museum, London (UK)
  • Deborah Stolk, Anthropologist, MA (LEI), MA (UvA), Director Helicon Conservation Support, BV (Netherlands)
  • Rob Wilson, Architect and Editor, BA (UC), MA (RCA), The Architects’ Journal, London (UK)

Friends of the Foundation include members of cultural institutions, academics, professionals and colleagues from the region and abroad who are consulted on projects, technical assistance and international activities.

Our technical advisors are the master builders and craftsmen, who collaborate with us from the early stages of survey and documentation work. They are contracted and their teams appointed on all the Foundation projects. External consultants and specialists are invited to advise on our projects, and to visit.

Daw‘an Architecture Foundation
June 2021
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