Daw'an Mud Brick Architecture Foundation
مؤسسة دوعن للعمارة الطينية
‘Umar Ba Wazir Mosque
Date: 2008 - 2010   |   Location: Ghayl ‘Umar- Sah, Wadi Hadramut
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Masjid Shaykh ‘Umar Ba Wazir
Ghayl ‘Umar Mosque stands outside the town of Sah, in Ghayl ‘Umar. It was constructed by a pious learned man, Shaykh ‘Umar Ba Wazir and named after him. According to historic sources he settled there building his house (the current mosque) in AH706/1306AD ‘Umar died in AH 713/AD 1313-4 and was buried in wadi Sah. It is believed that the mosque of Ba Wazir was in the same location where he originally settled and built a house when he first arrived in Sah. Inside the main domed mausoleum chamber one of his sons is buried. The inscribed elaborate carved tomb is attributed to the sage Shaykh Muhammad the son of Shaykh ‘Umar bin Salim.
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