Daw'an Mud Brick Architecture Foundation
مؤسسة دوعن للعمارة الطينية
Date: 2012 - 2014   |   Wadi Hadramut
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The project for GOPHCY (Shibam office) was initially concerned with arresting immediate danger threatening two houses in the historic city: The BaSahi house D25 required structural reinforcement (and later restoring the façades for protection), and that of BaSwatayn D26 had collapsed in part and 2 floors had been removed when we arrived to site; In addition the project includes a component for the restoration of roof terraces of six selected house in the city that were damaged and dilapidated from the heavy rains. CER partnership on the project was approved in May 2013. The entire structure of House 25 was deemed precarious, demolished and was successfully reconstructed (funded by SFD). The completion of this house, and the rest of the roof restoration is due for completion by June 2014.
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