Daw'an Mud Brick Architecture Foundation
مؤسسة دوعن للعمارة الطينية

Published Articles

‘Earth Wear: Mud Cities in Hadramut, Yemen’
The Architectural Review
February 2020

Hassan Fathy, de la vérité en Architecture; Hassan Fathy, About Truth in Architecture, Engagements
L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, ‘A’A 424
September 2018

Les Architectures de Terre de Salma Samar Damluji; Salma Samar Damluji’s Earth Architecture, Générosités, espaces en plus
L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, ‘A’A 426
May 2018

Cultural Emergency Relief for Stricken Heritage in Daw‘an Yemen
2008 photographic essay, in Cultural Emergency in Conflict and Disaster - pp.208-221
Rotterdam 2011
The Restoration of Masjid Al Faqih in ‘Aynat, Wadi Hadramut
British-Yemeni Society Journal - Volume 19
London 2011
The Architecture of Cultural Heritage in My Father’s House
British Council Exhibition Catalogue
London 2009
Aden, Once Again
Al Ayyam Newspaper (Arabic)
Aden, Yemen - January 28 & 29th, 2006
Remembering Al Andalus
Canvas Magazine
Dubai Jan/Feb 2006
The Holy City: Architecture and Urban Life in the Shadow of God
CCCB: Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona
Barcelona 2006
Art meets Architecture, A House in Khaylah Daw‘an
Canvas Magazine
Dubai, July/August 2005
Building Design in Wadi Hajr, Hadramawt
Studies on Arabia in Honour of G Rex Smith, Ed. Healey, JF and Porter, V
Oxford 2002
Letter from Yafa’
British-Yemeni Society Journal
Vol.8 - July 2000
‘Imarat al Qulub
Al Hayat Newspaper, 3 feature articles
London, April 2000
Zillij; Hadramut; Shluh Architecture
Encyclopaedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World, Editor Paul Oliver
Oxford 1997
Architectural Terms of Upper Yāfiʿ in Yemen
Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies
Vol. 26, Seminar for Arabian Studies held in Cambridge, 20-22 July, 1995 (1996), pp. 23-30
Tarji‘ min al-Yaman
Al Hayat Newspaper
London, October & November 1994
Building on the Organic
Building Design
London, 11 May 1990
Islamic Architecture in the Modern World
Cambridge Encyclopaedia of the Middle East and North Africa, Edts. Mostyn & Hourani
Cambridge University Press 1988
The Architecture of Daw‘an
Al Hayat Newspaper
London, 7 November 1988
Hasan Fathy and the Story of Gourna
Al Hayat Newspaper
London, issues 18 to 21 October 1988
The Poetics of Architectural Space:
An interview with Hassan Fathy
UR Magazine & ALIF
London, No.4 1985, American University of Cairo 1986
Tradition Rehabilitation and Urban Planning, Some lessons from the mud brick architecture of the Hadramout valley in Yemen
UR Magazine
London, no.2/1985
Abhath min nadwat al madinah al ‘arabiyyah: khasa'isiha wa turathiha al hadari al islami
Al Mustaqbal Al Arabi
Beirut, No.54 August 1983
Al ‘imarah al ‘arabiyyah al mu‘asirah
Fonoun Arabiya quarterly
London, No.2 1981
Modern Design Versus Tradition
UR Magazine
London, Mar/Apr 1979
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