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The sustainable cities made from mud
BBC Future
Isabelle Gerretsen
July 6 2022
The New York Review of Architecture
War & Architecture in Yemen
An edited dialogue about War & Architecture in Yemen with reporter Iona Craig, editor and writer Madeleine Schwartz, and Professor Salma Samar Damluji
Managed by Nicolas Kemper, and designed by Freer Studio
9 Feb 2021

‘Salma Samar Damluji on Power of Master Builders in Reviving Architecture in Yemen’
Meghna Meghta
February 2020
‘A Mud-Brick Utopia’
New Left Review
Owen Hatherley
November-December 2019
'Windows on Creative Genius'
The Observer
Rowan Moore
December 2018
‘Best books of 2018: Architecture and design’
Financial Times
Edwin Heathcote
November 2018
‘Hassan Fathy: l’utopia continua’
Corriere della Sera
Testo Massimo di Conto
November 8 2018
‘Hassan Fathy Earth & Utopia, Books Review’
World of Interiors UK
David Gleeson
November 2018
‘The first book on the philosophy and work of Hassan Fathy’
Wallpaper magazine
Harriet Thorpe
October 2018
‘Book Review: Hassan Fathy’s tale of Earth & Utopia’
Architectural Digest Middle East
Jumana Abdel-Razzaq
October 2018
Compte-rendu | Le coeur subtil de Salma Samar Damluji
Courrier de l’architecte
Jean-Philippe Hugron
19 mars 2014
BBC Arabic TV
Afaq: Arab Contemporary Home
Eli Melki
27 June 2012
Green Prophet
Remembering Hassan Fathy – Egypt's Green Architect of the People
Arwa Aburawa
11 June 2012
ARQ Diario de Arquitectura Clarín (Argentine)
Global Awards
Inés Álvarez
05 June 2012
Green Prophet
Iraqi Mud Architect Talks Sustainability and Corruption in the Middle East
(Exclusive Interview)
Arwa Aburawa
26 May 2012
Medi 1 Radio Tanger
Pour une autre architecture
Abdelwahab MEDDEB
19 May 2012
Green Prophet
Iraqi Mud Architect Wins Prestigious Sustainability Award
Arwa Aburawa
7 May 2012
Guardian Weekly
Sustainable architecture embraces rammed earth and rock formations
Sophie Landrin
1 May 2012
Al Hayat Newspaper
Salma Damluji turammim Husun al Yaman bilturath
Arlette Khoury
29 April 2012
Mukalla Today
د. سلمى الدملوجي تحصل على جائزة دولية "للعمارة المستدامة" لمشاريع نفدتها مؤسسة دوعن للعمارة الطينية
29 April 2012
Le Courrier de l'Architecte
Global Award 2012 : «la culture avant tout»
25 April 2012
Le Monde
Cinq artisans d'une architecture "durable" récompensés
Sophie Landrin
16 April 2012
Le Courrier de l'Architecte
Entretien | Salma Samar Damluji, l'autre architecture
Propos recueillis par Emmanuelle Borne
28 March 2012
CER Newsletter
In the spotlight: Restoration of Sufi cultural heritage in Yemen
Cultural Emergency Response
November 2010
Film: FIRST EARTH (8/12)
Uncompromising Ecological Architecture - YouTube | Chapter 8: Arabian Earth
David Sheen
February 2009
What Book Can Be 5 star rating
3 September 2008
This book, from the distinguished Laurence King publishers, is more like a magical talisman than a book. It has the power to enchant a child, and convince them that authentic fantasy worlds still exist and thrive, far more spectacular than any disneyland. It will shock an adult unfamiliar with the architectural splendors of Yemen, or excite those who already thought they knew about this far off world. A student of architecture will have a jolt when he sees what is obviously a labor of love, with detailed plans and sections of traditional, but often contemporary buildings, drawings that could only have been produced from painstaking initiative by the author. There is a striking typological similarity between these Yemeni tower houses and the medieval Scottish tower houses, and still another similarity between these contemporary wall bearing buildings and those being done by avant-garde architects in Voralburg and Zurich, like DePlaze, Sumi/Burkhalter, and Baumschlager Eberle. This book has a blithe way of demonstrating that this extraordinary building craft is an authentic living tradition, of which their people are justly proud. Most important, this book is a revelatory window thrown open into another culture, one almost entirely cut off from the West, and certainly one of the most architecturally significant. Highly Recommended.
Alef Magazine
Issue 6, pp.70-73
April 2008
My work with [Islamic architecture] is like a love affair,' confesses Iraqi born architect Salma Samar Damluji, who has been instrumental in restoring,...
The Architecture Journal
A lament for dying traditions pp.45-5
Peter Davey
6 February 2008
An influx of polyvinyl sheets, damp-proof courses and concrete construction threatens the unique architecture of Yemen, writes Peter DaveyThe Architecture of Yemen. By Salma Samar Damluji. Laurence King.
The Financial Times
House & Home p.3
Richard Holledge
26/27 January 2008
British-Yemeni Society Journal
The Architecture of Yemen: From Yafi’ to Hadramut - Volume 16
Sarah Searight
BBC World Service The Ticket
The Ticket
13 November 2007
The Middle East in London (London Middle East Institute)
The Architecture of the United Arab Emirates - Volume 4 - No 5
Archie Walls
November 2007
Documentary: The Aga Khan Award for Architecture
Awards Review BBC
Saudi Aramco World
Laurence King 2007
Nearly as remarkable as the architecture it documents, Damluji’s book takes the reader beyond the carved doors and mud-brick towers for which Yemen is renowned and into the design and craftsmanship of an extraordinary—and vanishing—urban fabric. Readers expecting the usual lavish gift-book treatment of the fabled cities of Sana’a or Shibam might, at first glance, be disappointed. Instead, Damluji illustrates the architecture of a selected number of buildings in seldom-visited villages in four regions, thus chronicling the distinctive legacy of Yemeni architecture. Fellow architects and historians will appreciate the book’s specialist focus, with its abundant architectural drawings and an extensive glossary of Yemeni building terms, but even casual readers will be transported by the stunning photographs of the stone and mud-brick houses that seem to rise naturally from the crags.
Of particular interest are the interviews with the master builders who welcomed Damluji into their homes to discuss the traditional methods and local materials they use. In this respect, the book is a celebration of an architecture imbued with significant socio-economic and environmental values—a style, the author makes clear, worthy of investment and encouragement, and not merely preservation. (Kyle Pakka) (SO08)
Corriere Della Sera
Blog Chelsea mia di Alessio Altichieri
Questa mostra è frutto dell'impegno di una donna fuori dal comune, l'architetto Salma Samar Damluji, nata in Iraq e attiva a Londra, che fin dal 1985 ha...
British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
Volume 25, Issue 2, pages 351-355
Robert Hillenbrand
November 1998
A YEMEN REALITY. ARCHITECTURE SCULPTURED IN MUD AND STONE. By Salma Samar Damluji. Reading, Garnet Publishing Limited. 1991. 355 pp., 677 colour plates.

THE VALLEY OF MUD BRICK ARCHITECTURE. SHIBAM, TARIM & WAADI HADRAMUT. By Salma Samar Damluji. (Ancient to Contemporary Design). Reading, Garnet Publishing Limited, 1992. xxi, 472 pp, c.500 plates and 85 line drawings.
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